June 21, 2019

The street artists turning our neighbourhoods into galleries

During his time as a financial planner, Joel Moore would spend hours drawing in his sketchbook in front of the television at night.

Despite excelling in art as a high schooler, a career in finance had felt like the “smarter” option. But after spending almost a decade in a job he wasn’t passionate about, Moore decided he needed a change.

“I felt like I was wasting my life,” he says. “I always wanted a...


May 08, 2019

Luxury basements: How prestige homes are taking high-end design to a space you didn’t expect

It’s the latest trend for maximising space in fabulously located properties – going underground.

Extending outwards or upwards might not be impossible, but burrowing down to carve out a basement floor can open up a swathe of space for a home cinema, gym, cave bar, wine cellar, subterranean pool, extra rumpus room or simply more parking.

We’ve seen it in London’s Kensington, Knightsbridge and Chelsea, in LA’s Beverley Hills and in New York’s Manhattan,...


April 08, 2019

‘The very best of pretty much everything’: Why I’d choose an apartment over a house any day

The woman looked at me with such terrible pity in her eyes, I swear tears weren’t far away.

“Oh, my dear,” she said, her voice cracking with emotion. “You live in Sydney in a unit? How terrible! Why don’t you move here, where you could maybe afford a house?”

I looked around at the scruffy little settlement somewhere in outback Queensland, with a hapless horde of rundown houses probably worth no more than $100,000...


March 14, 2019

Why Sydney must find room for another 200,000 houses

Sydney faces shortfall of more than 200,000 homes for low to moderate-income earners, report shows


Sydney needs to find room for 200,000 more homes to help low to moderate-income earners who face chronic rental stress, new research has found.

The biggest area of need is the inner south-west, according to University of New South Wales researchers, where 33,600 homes are needed within the next two decades just to keep up with demand at that income level.

Sydney has a huge backlog in...


February 14, 2019

How to stay in love during a reno

BELINDA and Trent Ramke are proof that couples that renovate together, can stay together.

The couple’s most recent project — a knockdown and rebuild at 70 Sydney Avenue at Camp Hill — will go to auction on February 23.


And if their previous sales are anything to go by, they may just be laughing all of the way to the bank.

“It is not easy and we do sometimes butt heads but it is all about communication and compromise,” Mrs Ramke said.

“And knowing...


January 24, 2019

Styling to sell: Why more Australians are using property stylists in a slowing market

Cautious vendors have been turning to property stylists this summer ahead of the auction season kicking off, in the hopes of making their home stand out in a weakening market.

Stylists are reporting growth in demand as sellers pull out all the stops amid falling prices and tighter bank lending criteria which have led to an increase in the length of time properties take to sell.

David McLean, general manager of Furnish & Finish Property Styling which operates in...


December 20, 2018

Annual Review Meeting

It is almost the end of 2018, and another new year is ahead of us.

Before holiday starts, let us review our efforts and improvements in this year.

Respon Global stresses the importance of growth in each individual in this company. Therefore, an annual review session has been held on last Friday. This is to help us in recognizing our strength and weakness in order to achieve a better result in the future.

Everyone was well...


December 03, 2018

Australia’s growing number of lifelong renters at greater risk of poverty in retirement: report

Australia’s increasing cohort of lifelong renters is at risk of living in poverty in retirement, because the current system is ill-prepared to care for them, a new report warns.

If a retiree owns their own home, they’re in luck; the Grattan Institute report released on Tuesday shows they are likely to live comfortably into retirement, on the pension or with superannuation.

Academics consider Australia’s retirement system asset-based, and those without a family home at an inherent disadvantage.


October 11, 2018

Are big homes better than small homes? Here’s how to choose the perfect-sized house

When buying a house and land package, it can be hard trying to decide whether to stretch your finances to buy the biggest house you can afford, or to opt for the mantra that small is beautiful.


And does size really matter as much as what the designer can do with the space?


Experts are often divided. With lot sizes in Sydney shrinking, largely as a result of rising prices and the affordability squeeze, more people are picking smaller homes, according to...


September 03, 2018

Poised to strike: Why first-home buyers now have a better chance of getting into the market

Property prices are now falling, which means first-home buyers’ eyes are widening.

The task of buying a first home is still monumental – a few per cent off the top following a record-breaking price boom won’t change that – but a window of opportunity has cracked open as prices soften and market dynamics shift, according to UBS economist Carlos Cacho.

“For first-home buyers who have got their finances in order and have...


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