Our Strata Service

Below are some of our core strata management services:


We Chair Annual & Extraordinary General Meetings as required


Through the  reputable Insurance Brokers we are in position to obtain most favorable premiums, arrange Insurance valuations and liaise with Assessors where necessary.

We ensure three quotes be obtained at the renewal of Strata Plan insurance policy to assist the Owners Corporation to select the best policy at the time from the market.


At the A.G.M. the owners determine the amount of levies they need to pay based on the Annual Budget we submit.

We collect, administer and invest your sinking fund savings interest bearing deposits. DEFT system allows our clients pay levies in various ways, such as B-Pay, Direct Deposit, Post office, Credit Card and much more. We commence and follow any action necessary for the recovery of arrears provided you authorize us to do so.


We maintain all books of accounts, records, minute book and Strata Roll. Attend to all correspondence, Strata Inspections and the issuing of S109 Certificates on request.


We can provide 1-3 MONTHLY analytical statements of all accounts to the Executive Committee of the Owners Corporation.


Through our experienced team of contractors we provide quick reliable and inexpensive repairs and services when needed. Our associated trade contractors would commit fastest response and rectify solutions to any emergency events. We carry out personal inspections of the common areas and liaise with residents or letting agents to arrange access for the Strata Titles Commissioner.


Any strata service issue, please contact: 925680946@qq.com